Bringing speed and transparency to the supply chain.

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These days, your customers demand a higher level of service. From the moment you provide data, Vision provides unique enterprise-level visibility. Whether you are tracking a single purchase order, groups of purchase orders, or groups of items, Vision can help you answer your supply chain’s most basic question, “Where’s my stuff”?

Vision is a cloud visibility solution that provides immediate insight into the location and movement of purchase orders and shipments. Reduce supply chain costs and the risk of tying up working capital or losing sales opportunities by quickly locating your product and getting it to the point of impact faster.

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“With Vision, I’m no longer left in the dark when it comes to where our products are or what’s happening at each stage of the supply chain. We’re no longer wasting valuable time trying to find out the exact location of our shipments and purchase orders, giving us the ability to execute on customer orders right away.” VP, Supply Chain

Deliver products faster, with more confidence.

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Rapidly determine on-shelf availability from your phone or office

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Gain comprehensive analytics & dashboard capabilities

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Save time and quickly pinpoint the exact location of shipments and purchase orders

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Combine and enrich data elements from multiple enterprise sources

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Disposition purchase orders at-risk, especially during ad runs

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Ensure all stakeholders are accessing a single version of truth

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Drill down into shipments, purchase orders and item locations

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Geo-locate every transaction with interactive Google Maps

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Facilitate enterprise-wide analytics and reporting on your most critical KPIs

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Seamlessly integrate enterprise-wide visibility via open, accessible API’s

Make Visibility Your Competitive Advantage

With increased demand during a time of unprecedented disruption, businesses are struggling to understand how their products are moving through their supply chain. More importantly, however, businesses need to be able to stay ahead of disruptions that could lead to indefinite delays and act quickly. 

Vision gives you transparency and the ability to track and trace your product through the supply chain beginning with the purchase order. Let us show you how Vision is the solution that provides a high level of customer satisfaction and gives you the edge you’ve been looking for

According to a major management consulting firm, companies can expect a supply chain visibility project to result in:

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Sales Increase: 3-7%
Net Margin Improvement: 1.5% - 2.5%
Working Cash and Cash Flow Improvement: 15%

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